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Make the most of your time!  Audio books on CD and tape are the only way you can read a book  as you drive, workout, jog, walk, cook, clear up, garden, DIY and more!

Listen in the car:
  • commuting
  • going on holiday
  • on business travel
  • when you're a parent-cum-taxi driver
Listen while exercising:
  • Working out in the gym
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
Listen in the studio:
  • potting
  • painting
  • weaving
  • sewing
Listen at home:
  • in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up
  • in the bath - relaxing
  • in the bedroom - when sleep is elusive
Students - set works come alive. Another fun, interesting way to "read" your set works
Children - in addition to parent-child story-telling at night, audio books bring another dimension to story telling for children
Senior Citizens - audio books are wonderfully companionable as if someone is in the room reading to you
Businessmen and Businesswomen - utilise your time while driving to work or to meetings

    When could YOU be listening?


The Rental Library offers an exciting catalogue of over 1 000 top titles - mainly complete and unabridged - on CD and a growing catalogue of over 70 titles on Playaway.

With no membership fees, choose between casual hiring or a set units contract.
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We are proud to introduce an exciting catalogue of titles for download via secure, well-established partner download sites which we are confident will offer you top-quality products. Our download partners:
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The Listeners Library retail shop offers you an extensive library of titles on CD, tape or Playaway for purchase.

An audiobook makes a fantastic gift for friend or family - all latest book titles are available as audiobooks as well as a timeless selection of classics and non-fiction titles.
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