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Alistair Cooke's series "Letter from America" and Alistair Cooke at the BBC" offer a fascinating insight into American and British life, the personalities and the events which have most interested him.

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These are the questions that are frequently asked by our listeners. Perhaps you would ask the same questions too!

Q: What would happen if I damage a tape of CD I have rented from the Library?

While we do expect clients to look after our audio books we do not charge if a tape is inadvertently damaged in your tapedeck; we do reserve the right, however, to charge replacement fees if this happens repeatedly.
If tapes / CDís are damaged through negligence a replacement fee is charged. Please do not leave tapes / CDís in the car, heat causes damage. Such damage is regarded as negligence. 

Q: What will happen if I don't return a book I have rented form the library?

Borrowers who do not return either tapes / CDís or whole audio books must meet replacement costs. 

Q: How do I take care of an Audio Cassette tape?

  • Keep it clean!
  • Play a non-abrasive head cleaner through your cassette player after every two audio books to help:
    - to keep the working parts of the cassette player clean and so it is less likely to cause TAPE SPILLAGE.
    - to keep the heads free of residue 
  • To avoid snarled tapes -PUSH STOP!!
    ALWAYS press the STOP button before changing from PLAY to FAST FORWARD, REWIND or vice versa.

Q: How do I take care of a CD?

  • NEVER TOUCH the audio surface of the CD.
  • Always handle a CD by its edges.
  • Periodically CLEAN your CD player with a recommended CD cleaning kit.
  • NEVER LEAVE CDís in direct sunlight. 
  • Always REPLACE the CD in its case after use.


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